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LANGPORTS – 3 campuses, 3 destinations to discover!

With three campuses, Langports can offer students the opportunity to study in and discover 3 amazing destinations.

To encourage students to make multi-campus enrolments, Langports offers students a $100 travel voucher per transfer to help with the inter-campus travel costs. Students are eligible for the travel vouchers in 2 ways:

1. Make their initial enrolment a multi-campus one (minimum 4 weeks per campus)
2. After they finish their 1st course, extend in a new campus for a minimum of 4 weeks.

Students transferring their original booking will not be eligible for a voucher unless they extend for an additional 4 weeks in the new campus.

There are so many reasons for students to experience several cities while learning English!


  • “Australia’s most liveable city”
  • Business, finance and education centre of Queensland
  • Mild winters (20°C on average) and hot summers (28 to 32°C)
  • Fabulous relaxed lifestyle
  • Sophisticated and modern city
  • Best starting point to visit Moreton Island, Fraser Island and the Great Barrier Reef

Gold Coast

  • World famous for its 70km of beautiful surf beaches
  • Mild winters (20°C on average) and hot summers (28 to 32°C)
  • A great range of themes parks
  • Outdoor lifestyle: water sports (especially surfing!), walks in the rainforest hinterland, whale watching from June to September
  • Great shopping and nightlife
  • Experience the famous “Surfers Paradise”


  • Australia’s largest city
  • Business finance and education centre of New South Wales
  • International and cosmopolitan lifestyle
  • Dynamic cultural centre in Australia
  • Shopping and vibrant nightlife
  • Venue for major international events including New Year’s Eve fireworks display

Transfer conditions 

Maximum of 2 travel vouchers per student (1 voucher to move between 2 campuses and 2 vouchers to move between our 3 campuses)

  • Minimum period of study at each campus is 4 weeks to be eligible for the travel voucher
    – For a transfer when in Australia, students need to give a minimum of 2 weeks’ notice of their intention to transfer and unless they extend their course for an additional 4 weeks, the travel voucher will not be available.
    – Students studying a closed course are unable to transfer campuses during the closed course.
    – Fee differences between the campuses will apply – additional charges if going from Brisbane or Gold Coast to Sydney and a refund will apply if going from Sydney to Brisbane or Gold Coast.
    – If students pre-book a multi-campus program, they will only pay one enrolment fee and one accommodation placement fee.
    – If students transfer their original booking onshore, the accommodation placement fee will be 50% of the normal fee if Langports accommodation is required. If they extend their course by at least 4 weeks, no accommodation placement fee will be charged.
    There are other conditions, so to read more details about our transfer policy, please read our transfer policy by clicking here

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