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University of Technology Sydney: the future of patient transportation

A team from the University of Technology Sydney (UTS) Centre for Health Technologies in collaboration with KTH Royal Institute of Technology has developed the world’s first robotic hospital bed frame and mattress

On average, a patient is moved through seven different beds of various sizes and functionality on their journey from ambulance to recovery ward. The Stockholm Institute first approached University of Technology Sydney (UTS) citing a need to address the high level of manual handling and repetitive strain injuries (RSI) caused by heavy patients lifting to and from hospital beds.

The bed, rated up to 300kg and built from MRI-friendly stainless steel, is also accompanied by a specifically designed mattress, fitted with pressure sensors to address the problem of bed sores. The sensors constantly monitor the body for pressures and air oscillates to relieve the pressure the sensors find.

Current hospital beds that have basic functions like a button to raise or lower the patient typically cost $23,000. The Flexibed can be designed and built for the same price and include all the added abilities.

Good, beautiful and same cost! Congratulation UTS for this fantastic development!

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