I am getting the most out of my study at University of New South Wales

Together with his girlfriend, Valentin is studying a Master of Engineering at University of New South Wales. He is more than happy to share his experience with us in a café on campus during his study break.

Valentin explains why he chose to further his study at UNSW Australia:

“Both my girl-friend and I were in the consulting sector in Spain, but it wasn’t very easy since the European Financial Crisis a few years ago. So we decided to both go to South America or Australia and study an Engineering degree. Eventually we chose to come to UNSW simply because of its top ranking and international reputation.”

When asked why he decided to study at UNSW Institute of Languages, Valentin gives an answer which is reflective of the reasons that many other international students choose to study with us:

“By doing the University English Entry Course before commencing my university degree, I really feel that I am getting the most out ofmy study here at UNSW. All of my teachers are not only friendly but also experienced, and classrooms areso well equipped. I was really impressed at the level of professionalism that the teachers offered to me. If prospective students are interested in doing an English program to adapt to a new academic environment, UEEC is definitely the course to do.”

When Valentin moves the topic from studies to his life in Sydney as an international student, he mentions his love of the warm and beautiful weather all year round and how multicultural and alive the city is. The great location of UNSW Institute of Languages campus has also provided him with many opportunities to explore, enjoy and appreciate the beaches and parks in Sydney’s East. Although he recently found a professional job located in the outskirts of Sydney, the great public transport system has saved him a lot of time and money as he travels to work.

The conversation ends with Valentin explaining their future plans:

“Now we both have professional jobs here and also just bought a car recently so we are looking forward to our future in this beautiful country.”

University English Entry Course
Master of Engineering

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