Las clases son divertidas y estoy mejorando mi inglés

The classes at  English Language Company (ELC) are fun and I can improve my English. I can talk with my friends from other cultures. The class is difficult but good for understanding another language. The time passes quickly because it’s fun. The Extra English class is also really good. For example, the pronunciation class helps you to understand different accents.

My English has improved because I now can understand my teachers and people on the street. In my job I can have a conversation with my manager.  I have learnt a lot of new words and I think my pronunciation is better. Now people understand me.

Sydney is a beautiful place. With the activities, you can see different places and learn about the Australian lifestyle and Sydney’s history

I would recommend English Language Company (ELC)  to my friends because you can talk to different cultures, make a lot of friends, meet a lot of people and improve your English.  You can only speak English in the school which is good practice.

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